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May 2, 2014 8:00pm PDT
by president clinton and continued to be violated by george bush. i don't blame russia for its great for our instincts to stop it. so that's a big part of the negotiating posture both countries are taking to the ice age for example could wind up green announcing the agreement that i believe was announced in tbilisi where we said that we were looking for georgia to eventually eventually be a member of the site of the american is going to die for tbilisi and article five applied to tbilisi with my tomato a phony alliance immediately. i make those having a hard time as it is anyway. it doesn't have the resolute desk trying anymore since the soviet threat went away and were desperately trying to find one for a doubt are out of area operations became the latest attempt to do so in afghanistan and elsewhere so visit this is a complex problem but it does have the answers to it. it just requires exquisite diplomacy had a lot of ability on both moscow and large the spark to sort of book of situation from as i said hey nobody wins except ukraine and others denied that cotton is trapped in the future o
Apr 29, 2014 5:00pm PDT
. off. the john kerry and hillary clinton is like that one in that building. it's only a wake up and you don't wanna tell them that who has moved on tonight five percent of the less american. they have like move on they got over it enough that they're not as keen to act as they once worked as a habit i call the cnn turk. which is now the new ion. well this information for people living behind the cnn turk the route to it slowly losing their touch with reality and out of america to cover the years. post a photo of the attention. you can't afford. well it did the last repeat the same old job. of course you know. ex girlfriend. stupid tear jerking poetry the job ignore it. we post on what we know this. or tea. you speak the new. baucus is rt international in iraq seat bomb blasts and technology a mosque in north east of baghdad has killed at least seventeen people. it was off to a wave of explosions on monday targeted police stations and fifty date the comment comes as of the country contains events in its first general election says suite eleven pullout of us ships. israel won in all it wa
Apr 25, 2014 8:00pm PDT
time that he had it for monopoly on that mass media from my three years ago a story clinton saying that the un says the new command to warrant it using no more riding on the first time our team was mentioned by such high profile us official to think this effectively means the end. information monopoly and that the us has held for so long what could be the outcome of that. what in the us government realizes that the truth is very dangerous because of the american people particularly learn the truth they get an alternative news source they can become a political factor. demanding a change in us policy a policy that needs to be changed on the monopoly on information is key because controlling people's minds is the most important are the most important thing we see right now that the rta and what hillary clinton called the international media that poses a challenge to the us media. it means that they have lost their monopoly that's a very good thing i know is an american person that millions of americans are so happy that there's an alternative or say which resulted in the mainstream c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3